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the methremoglobin, once produced, continues for a time vary-

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from the pains which radiate from an inflammatory or pressure focus.

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the wrist may be slightly tender for a few days. In others a febrile

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ward to the plexus, producing gradually complete loss of power in the

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London Post Graduate Course, Hospital for the Paralysed and Epi-

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jority of the air cells, however, contained elements in a state

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Mrs. Upon er for the ho.^pitahlo reception at ' Sheringhftm.

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At the onset of pneumonia the pleurisy is dry, the pain may be very

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cer of Health for the Bedale Rural Sanitai? District.

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of various kinds, still no implication of the eighth nerve was

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glands to the production of diabetes there is Kttle doubt that it is the

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North, suggested I should try the fourth ventricle. I rejected

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judicious treatment of the doctnr. and careful and capable nursing, if a

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peronei and anterior tibial groups of muscles, then advances to the

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Sib, — I quite agree with the tenour of Dr. Leslie Phillips's

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Harriss. S. .K , L RC PLond , Sheffield, Edinburgh, Charing Cross, and

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retary at the Oflice, 24, Finsbury Circus, E.C, by July 5th.

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colon, or to various contiguous parts. These cases may give rise to

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is checked and controlled by higher nerve-centers. Thus, the heart

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matory processes in the adrenals and the adjacent nervous plexuses,

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Museum of the Section in an adjoining room ; and of Ophthal-

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arteries are pretty sure to show the beginning of atheromatous changes

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bably rather that of a common cause— more enlightened authority-tha n

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Ridge. Dr. J. J. The Diet of Infants and Young Children.

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is a good remedy in vasomotor complaints, but after using these doses

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only 27 per cent. She had repeated attacks of vomiting, which contin-

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feet thick. The principal layers of the sand kept back a number of

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cent, solution of caldum chlorid kills it in ten minutes.

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Kotice of business to be submitted at the meeting should be given, not

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BiowKLL. L . F. R C.S. On the Surgical rrea'ment of Lupus.

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matter of both the spinal cord and brain. Moreover, it induces serious

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tion. An antitetanus toxin has also been discovered, but it must be

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year. In every case the mass was reduced in size, and each patient

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muscle. After control experiments which simply verified the

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ceeds 0.2, the renal filter becomes inadequate and glycosuria results.

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would wish to know. After this come chapters by Dr.

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siderable polymorphism, of which two forms may be readily recognized,

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phosphorus. The most striking peculiarity of this toxin is its extra-

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