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tried. I never asked who was the inventor or maker of the truss, nor

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When the part becomes feverish and uncomfortable, renew the

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perature observations are given on the assumption that

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abdomen and pelvis taken in October 1987 showed that the

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can range from mild tracheobronchitis to severe respira-

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was destined to practice within the wooden walls of a primi-

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Dr. Bray practised in Chatham for forty-five years, and

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in as early as the second day, or much later, during convalescence. It is,

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3. The Cause of Death from Industrial Esctric Currents. R.

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defendant in the case, was dismissed and the case was closed.

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of a hydatid in one of the cerebral hemispheres. The sheep so

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experimental work on different classes of individuals, and from a

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of cases is not set forth in the official statistics. —

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stomach, the changes in which, however numerous, are, save

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the toxic effect, but It had no beneficial action, and this

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fession, so witli the fiilness of tlieir teacliing, the change has

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tails of major and minor surgery will be presented,

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reaches the habitat of the bacilli to destroy them, it seems that this

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otolaryngology/head and neck surgery that have recently achieved a substantial degree of authoritative acceptance, whether in their

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some of the most important applications of the pulverisation

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frequently found the greatest benefit from its administration, not

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In the mean time I had given \ grain of apomorphine without effect,

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the thread that closed the base of the appendix, and drawn so

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frame. Intemperance is his great vice ; too often he is no

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very defective and careless, Listerism has been a perfect godsend

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