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the petrous bone or witli tln ombosis of the sinus.

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Pharmacopoeia of the United States Member of the National Academy of Medicine

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disease but aside from these there was an almost complete

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opening this much pus and fluid escaped and it was noted

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and respiration accelerated. The girl groaned from the great

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ground the addition of half a grain or more of cocaine

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of the lower part of the rectum. These veins show better when

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neurosis. The papules may be insignificant or impercep

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teins present in the blood and the proteolytic ferments

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mitral murmur was interpreted as of functional origin and both

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visceral lesion. Other distinctive features are the symmetrical development

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Central district Virginia West Virginia Kentuclcy and f Throroughbreda

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of the outbreak are practically conclusive. When disease spreads

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ing statements in regard to these properties are not surprismg

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spend some three to four millions on more tramways

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Templeton William Pendleton B.S. University of Maryland Maryland

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The American Veterinary Medical Association is not responsible for views or statements

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the cultures favored the growth because thereby the

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to penicillin in B deficiency. Penicillin wotild not prevent the deleterious

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X person can be moved with perfect safety while kept

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State Secretary Ridge of Pennsylvania has been one of the

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far as possible before the Candidate has entered on his Medical

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evidence tending to show that syphilis had its origin

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adequate inspection of the source of its supply examina

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concealed in surface views of the brain by the glandular part of

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ment and some of them very active the substance spoils and loses

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and the blood passes in any quantity the current will natu

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rose. Forsome time his voice was inaudible. At length his tones became

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moreover we can justly point to graduates of these schools some of

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present publishers for a continuance of the courtesy and kindness nvhich

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licensed plant at any hour. Some violations have been discovered

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fatal and we will note the fact that we have passed

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of his skin. The sensible person adopts an arbitrary

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The Dressing Station is divided into three sections

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