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through the medium of the renal plexus. When we reflect

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says What has been called follicular amygdalitis or

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hemorrhages. Eennes obtained better results in an artificially infected horse which

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four to seven days by which time an abundance of spores will have

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cific action on certain microorganisms in the body.

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thus originating and they are as a rule wrongly in

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Ser The season of activity is again upon us and the

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sensational and grossly exaggerated manner if not in some instances

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Gram staining organisms as effectually as alcohol. It is

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filtration and new formation of intertubular tissue and

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friendly advice I should say turn your attention to something

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and ceilings. Ordinary mortar is most permeable then comes brick

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cytes could be made out within any of the acini or colloid cysts.

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Right ovary size of hen s egg consisted of an outer shell

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ent in the acutely alcoholic prevents to a consider

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interspaced doses of the vaccine the opsonic index is raised

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The piojuients are al.so probably excreted by the cells of the convo

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infectious diseases one meets with cases of persons attacked with malaise

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Philadelphia died on April d in his fifty sixth year.

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ral as possible that is to say they must comprise the growths

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Stiology. This is commonly met with in hysteric neurasthenic

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in hospital except such as were attributed to defect

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pure culture and have again recovered and which have sub

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fered retention of urine the trigone de la vtssie so enlarged

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are slightly elongated with oval nuclei and very little cytoplasm.

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Pathological Society properly speaking nor Patholog

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ondary or metastatic. Traumatism as a cause of peri

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case tell him how the tobacco is medicated. The most

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The symptoms of pyloric insufficiency are in brief the following

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blood are represented in variable proportions in this variety of leucocy

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their care. The inference intended to be conveyed is I suppose that

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doubtful cases the diagnosis may be settled by this

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with the coiled portions of the sweat glands. This is referred to under

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ercise in the open air. During the prevalence of cold north east

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same thing. Always teach a nurse that a child cannot

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brother presented a typical picture of varicella but the mother had var

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ance which is called scapulae alatse. A horizontal line from the sixth

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