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(Tennessee) Medical Society, the Cartersville (Georgia) Medical

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would act unfavorably. I add this remark at once, because

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of the operation, with vigorous stimulation. The wound in the

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remain undisturl)ed till the 14th, when I found the

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cient officers unless they Avere treated with courtesy and allowed due

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dation and the cells are so overloaded with moisture that nephelation

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affection, the explanation now commonly received is, that, passing readily

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then, which concern inorganic matter, are all together to be

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treatment with mercuric nitrate, as recommended upon p. 625 for the polarimetric

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not do so with regularity. But the observations which we ourselves

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Glycerine equal parts. As the substances are of unequal weight, the vial

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ing to his profession is represented to have been an enthusiast, reading

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made by the former to render the surgeons subordinate

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and the catheter was retained in situ for forty-eight

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the country had been cured of ills which baffled their

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pirpa womb -|- 06Tpvc a cluster of grapes.] Uterine

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Cattses. — Indigestible food; sudden changes in feeding, or

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observed must have an important bearing on this subject.

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Suspicions were entertained that they had been poisoned, and a rigorous

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If the operation prove \insuccessful, another trial should be made, and, if

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be either a salt, or a combination of the metal with

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is hardly in a position to finance so expensive an enterprise at this time.

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Ever since [1855] he has been a sufferer from insomnia, and

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on general practice." Observe that he did not say the latest

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