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tion has been made by the Boaril for the prisent year.

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right angle. This is synchronous with a definite click. The patient is placed

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bler as a harness maker. He would fashion the winker

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of opium. Unfortunately this was omitted for one or two nights

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the loin and had discharged very freely. In the third

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this imperfectly constructed apparatus permitted the patient to be raised at

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round the umbilical tumor which was then excised. The growth was found in

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there are two paths like those before Christian. One is

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connective tissue and produce local emphysema. Violent contusions as in a

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intestines are glued together by recent lymph. There is a

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method for cauterizing urethral caruncle. This report

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chitis that may or may not be connected with the pneumonic process.

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Reprint from Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrics July igo

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The Doctor communicated the fact that the Canadian Inspector

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take it up. for we have a remarkable genius there who cuts

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tions in which it was especially important not to over

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one. Recurrence is almost invariably the rule. The patients

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resolved this condition knee elbow or simple abdom

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adhesion. The peritoneum in this case was a quarter of an inch

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disappeared under treatment the doubt remains whether they were true

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culous process in animals injected with immunized serums but

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in many cases however though the initial symptoms observed may be

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is true only six days after the injury and stated that the ball

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of microbe origin or due to pressure of a growth con

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but thirty two years of age had made an enviable repu

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Theocin in Acute Experimental Nephritis that it does not eem wortli

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able to find facts in his practice to support Edinier s

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July th the dressings were full of pus. The entrance

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probably ignorant of the inner workings of the Civil Service

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