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not the purpose of this communication but rather to

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often derive greater advantage from getting doses much smaller than


nervous system unstable and allow the factors sudi as

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our cases during this epidemic should be mentioned. In cases the

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portant point in the differentiation of cancerous enlarge

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marked that eclampsia necessarily follows but that convulsions seldom

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manure. In the latter case the tubercle bacilli are coughed up swal

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often trace back a depression of the supra and infira davicular region

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pancreatic and intestinal juices upon phvtovitellin.

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tremely vascular. The venous channels showed super

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tuberculosis showing that the bovine bacilli were capable

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was mixed oxalic and uric acid being very hard. The patient also had

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of Munich Henze and Mayer investigated the cause of the

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and moral situations are radically different in the

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serious circulatory weakness anemia acute and chronic disturbances of

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of all the eye laws in the United States. In concluding

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pofed were ufually folid and of difficult fufion. When we make glafs

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Medical and surgical reports of hospitals are entered under the name

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the booklets nor the rostellum of the other varieties.

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that the literature should be so devoid of studies of

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the portion of this report relating to the Quarantine Division.

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surprise she suffered very little during the menstrual

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A. Yes one of the operations done is to transplant the

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suitable cases tuberculin is indicated. If the glands

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to have devised better instruments and a more perfect injecting

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identified with this society since in the person of

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motions are more ftr icily aflbciated together yet are they in

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to adopt measures for the benefit and advancement of the general mterests

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the Eustachian tube associated with nasal catarrh or adenoids.

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are not numerous being in the and therefore I should

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when present the anaesthesia is generally most marked over the radial branch.

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by an adequate system of asepsis and antisepsis. True autoin

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tion and soundness. This examination covers a period of eight

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altogether endorse certain of Dr. Newell s statements.

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