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careful proving, in the near future, at the hands of those to
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nothing worthy the name of clinical test, pray, how are we to
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week, and in addition filled the place of the professor of
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of wide range, being well-read in classics and in modern English and
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Nervous and Mental Diseases, 1890, Vol. 17, 520-523).
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Subject : " Potentization by Means of Trituration Succussion."
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The prognosis of these injuries is in the main not serious,
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chusetts. They had a son, Dr. Samuel Haynes (1763-1800) who was
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end. It has been one of the most important relations of my life and one of
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A.M., College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, from which
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in length. We have given the remainder of the powders ; but we
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two years of its life, without rotation of food. A child is now
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acid. The children so treated remained sound ; but the eyes of
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on the surgical staff of the out-patient department of New York
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Prophylaxis requires, first of all, that one should avoid cold or wet, and
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will report, Dr. Harvey of Springfield being chairman of the

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