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range animals can appreciate the necessity for other factors than

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Fellows at the informal conference that there could not

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In two months she was on the ordinary tubercular diet of the

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the patient sank at the end of the fifth week of his illness.

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inoculation with the specific microorganisms in small num

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lected was so high that although many of them had not gradu

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study closely and observe. You are not only storing away im

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tions at one time. The wound was treated as in the opera

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caring for the patient should thoroughly wash his hands with soap

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noisome streets the uncleanly clothing the utter want of

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fever are necessary to demonstrate that they are the specific cause of

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From the Research Department National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives Denver Colo.

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agencies increasing the irritability of the nervous sys

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The bureau of each section decides as to the acceptance

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sight while if you inquire of those whom we call poor read

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tion and that in fact such cases would acquire the disease. The difficulty

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battle are the result of gunshot injury and are frequently

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and water and the spirit bo obtained is percolated through

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than the blow on the tendon and shows best with the

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establishing a current toward the Gulf. But I am not

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that alTords a nucleus about which the successive layers nC crVRl may

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lymph from all of the lymphatic vessels of the posterior limb pelvis

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being made ut many points. Sec Alexander operation.

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open see that the urine is passed properly place the

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so well adapted to those presenting a more sthenic type. Dr Stokes

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geal structures often with the tonsils are involved. The condition may fol

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epithelium and the glandular membrane. The bacilli had also

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gins is claimed to induce anemia and atrophy of the mucosa

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is concerned not with the activities of the pancreas but

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r tality of cancer in various regions. The figures thus

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