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Vital Force. — In studying the progressive development of the blood, and
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has been paid to the lower half of the abdomen, and
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able success upon domestic animals, cows, dogs, and sheep. Brem-
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Bartleet, M.B. ; S. Berry, Esq.: J. Bassett, Esq.; F. W.
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tion ; you will perhaps recollect what has already been
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Flint, Esq., Stockport; John Harrison, Esq., Chester;
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1. War's Influence on Medicine: Presidential Address.
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4, &c. Let us administer these with judgment, and we shall soon heal
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toms. 3. Owing to its chemical properties, it acts promptly
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consists in passive exercises, designed to overcome the
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Gay, Boston, Vice-President; Dr. H. F. Vickery, Boston,
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Tumour of Orbit : .' Carcinoma. — Female, aged 57. Six years
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presented any point of unusual interest. Being situated within
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properly treated, will almost certainly prove fatal.
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recovered with a perfect result — absolutely no de
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Prom Dr. O'Erien, of Ennis, the following particulars were received :
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mingham women. While the occurrence of acute MI among
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Vaccinator-General, and Health OlSccr, in Trinidad. We
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indifference, removal to an asylum must no longer be delayed.
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covering themselves early, indicate a focal lesion of moderate extent.
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bag before all the ice melts; nothing is more common than to see
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Poisoned my Poor Cat I have som of it now I did not take any of that my-
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nutrition to the affected limb, and therefore I believe massage, diathermy, and
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but become a great centre for relief works — a focus for English charity
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carcnoma; and depend on morbid productions deposited in the
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times the seat of congestive neuralgia. A curious feature about astigmatism
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Dr. Westra entered the Mayo Foundation as a fello’
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done under good illumination, and after due consider-
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side and before backwards then showed that the tooth was much
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giving an account of the history of rectal etherization
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tended, but this time there was a large gathering. Dr.
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it." Whatever we find in the serum we know has been

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