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mosis. Entero-anastomosis, followed by ligature of the

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" Thia was recorded in a ca*e of Jeffrlef, reported by Holt, In a

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in whose abdomen a tumor had gradually developed, which had given rise to

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donor, or, after having eaten all my bonbons, would taunt

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is not always an easy matter. When not removed, they

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an extract. The disease is best seen in the Malays, and no white

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terior folds, two large ones, and one small one. The

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conclude that they are not inherited but are derived from Divine influ-

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eases (chorea and ague) have their seat in the medullary spinals, he

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the present state of speculative science will permit in

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which he was very vain. He wears the fashionable dress of the

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gives place to a more yellowish, or even distinctly yellow hue ; the

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manifestation of its effects, operations of the class men-

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discontinued, and chlorate of potash was administered.

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practised by A. Chipaitlt (Le Medecine Moderne, Dec.

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the exalted glory of bein^he political regenerator of Europe,

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"The finest work of philosophical genius which this

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have been recommended in cases of retroflexion or retrover-

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the body may be affected, but the musculature of the trunk

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arrival and none have occurred in transit, the vessel

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mentation in lactose bouillon in 10 c. e. B. coli absent.

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and say that, even if it were possible, it was not desirable.

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| writing on the wall has become print on the page.

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alioque ctiamnuin mode podagricis prodell mixto oleo vetere contrito

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heated to ebullition, a dense deposit of red suboxide of copper

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cannot of themselves either generate life or become converted

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wittingly allows one to get disease there. Now apply the

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toxication displayed itself in the young by producing cerebral lesions and

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aspect of the cerebellum ; and at the antei-ior edge of tlic ])ons are given

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that bronchitis is one of its most frequent complications, and that few

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with anxious face, still suffering pain in the groin and about

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