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upon such matters no benefit could be derived there
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guaiacol by Holscher and Seifert carbonate of guaiacol and
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the abdominal brain inducing reflex action in distant
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side of the chest or one shoulder is considerably elevated and is
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power upon the board. Under the provision of Section
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Dr. Hewitt is if not the great advocate of the tnechanical
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cent of all cases. Even in desperate cases the results
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tions recitations and assigned work carried on throughout the course.
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After speaking of the importance of the use of the stetho
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be well founded but of course treatment is not to be
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discovery of the pneumococcus and its pneumotoxiu as the indisputa
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of disinfection of the mouth in the prophylaxis and treatment of pneu
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enfeeblement of mental faculties and athetoid movements
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self and open the deeper parts to the action of parasiti
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field and some other authorities. Most authors however
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careful to remember in what position relative to the
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to preserve vision than b operation. The neurosis is favour
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his hands remained on the train a short while until his destination was
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an insane asylum. If she has genital troubles she should
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having considerably increased the number of curable cases.
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These points upon how to examine a spine will be continued m further
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eructations cramps and the secondary disturbances of
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desire is observed. In goats sugar has been found in the urine
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soda and atropine were eadi tried but with Uttle or no
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upper extremity. In one case of paralysis of the flexor of the
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strychnia are indicated while in others sedatives as
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named is worthy of the attention of every one really
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sitology and its relation to animal disease. We will here only at
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the priest when appearing as a witness in his private
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oughly the chill can be prevented or at least made very
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this increased tension will mean extra work for the heart. This
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is contrary to clinical experience. If the diaphragm were thus spasmodically

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