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given, but without results. After a month the condition of the

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Naturalists, and Dr. Beigel has just received a letter from the

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wounds in which there has been much suppuration su<'-

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ment of a class of very common but certainly highly

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The natives who make up the colony are particularly fond of

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for besides danger to life and limb (incurred even by the

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the cord, but in this region lesions produce trophic changes in the par-

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lunir des Stirnhohlenempvems. Deutsi'Iie med. Wchn-

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The natural presumption is against the probability that

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\'ilks very strongly opposed this, and his views were followed by the

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Ovarian Myoma. Edinburgh Med. Journ., 1898, Vol. XLIV, page 454.

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1461 that, on petition, King Edward IV granted " the

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1956. Gilbert, Philip D., Cooper Hospital. Camden, N. J.

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with the ease and pleasantry of polite conversation, and

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Furunculus, Hyperidrosis, Vaccinia, Varicella, and Diseases of the

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casualty completely with this soapy water solution, and then

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operation would relieve her sufferings. She was anxious

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ease. To this report are appended the history of two cases of

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The principles of this system of treatment date as far back as Hippocrates ; many of

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insurer presence in all this. Charles Kahn, who was a top

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mothers and daughters of a million homes from paying a generous

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experience. The studies required of a growing child

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way amyloid material is deposited in the tissues by the blood are ques-

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is simple and earnest in his language, clear and com-

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iodide had had to be continued, on account of the patient's gen-

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therefore, is of no value, while its presence aids in the diagnosis.

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find that excisions or transplantations or simple manipulations of

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during life. The autopsy was made in cool weather eight days after

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dental presence of rarer varieties. Those most frequently met with,

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diminishes the curve of the urethra and frees the genitals and

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