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case the person remained delirious for three days, and when he recovered he had

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posed to the same conditions of life, but the influence of whose

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went to confirm the interesting observations of Professor Freund,

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adults, the brain cells, in all their parts,- are very much

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adult T-cell leukemia: A clinicopathologic study of five cases. Blood 1983;

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" Notably the best rules for the conduct of life are

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point that they began to find the retention of urea, fil-

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when the degenerative process is not far advanced the balneological and

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There is no need to refer particularly to the clinical

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veJopment of t o, thalamus opticus, i c, location of internal capsule ; n l, nucleus lenticu-

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six hours after delivery, and in one case it was 99-5° twelve

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The changes in the medulla are of a similar character, but are not

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inal with me. It has been used before, but as far as I

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ity. Abstr. Tr. Hunterian Soc. Lond., 1882-3, 45-48.—

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In Palpitation: Lift the ribs, spring the spine, place an

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given, and its operation promoted by liberal draughts of

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absurdity nor false logic in simply expressing the results of

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of physicians without being cured. Their errors of refraction had

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and the means taken to collect the bile at regular intervals,

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on an intestinal antiseptic, and the one I prefer is equal parts of sulpho-

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hut instead they accepted an invitation from Dr. Karl

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larger tubes where the obstruction is less ; but the efiect of the inspired current

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it is to be bunie in mind tliat the kidneys may be dam

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ing his right knee, which had been swollen ever since ; but

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effects of bisoprolol alcohol on fever

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fection tumors — all of these general and local affections

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composition and preparation of substitute foods, especially

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stitute for other arsenic preparations. It contains 48 per cent,

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of expectoration, which is lost because it depends on the act of

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18T5 3 ^Morton, Amputations at Pennsylvania Hospital.

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and the results were as good as possible. The first whs ten months

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Gvishorour/h C'licwi.— John E. Chalmers, M.E.C.S. Eng., L.S.A., to the

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duced from a photograph in Fig. 8^ is the largest and most distinct of

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