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organisms as related to the immunity of the infected person. While
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and Mars scorching up the humour in our organs. Saturn is
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Onychomycosis of various origin is a common affection.
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tiated for the following reasons : We are informed by
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made the observation that the quantity of urea eliminated
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connection it must be remembered that the prevalence of yellow fever
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Law 1). The hypertrophy of the left ventricle may not be demon-
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analogy complete, there should be between these vascular
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sulting Surgeon to the Wills Eye Hospital. 1205 Spruce
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time to time, but not too frequentl}'^, and the emetic substances
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Lords, asking for the appointment of a select committee to in-
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striking change noted by me in any hospital in Serbia.
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parts, is performed with advantage. Several cafes of elephan-
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that he must pass satisfactorily in at least five of the branches
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tional powers conferred upon them by the charter. They exercise all
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Arkansas Medical Society, Hot Springs, May 14-16, 1901.
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Growths in the Rectum and Anus. — The benign growths are polyps,
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hand, a circumstance which has seemed to me to go far to disprove this
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before use. Stain for five minutes, wash and mount.
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tissue, and hypersemia of the pons, medulla, upper cervical cord, and
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Even before having finished grade school, the medi-
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graduated physical exercise, and its influence may properly be classed
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this period. The sigmoid valves of the aorta being closed, the move-
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space, SupraaclercU space, and Spatium interfasdale.
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cliued extracting a sound tooth ; but on a second visit, and a closer exami-
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developed itself in the regular manner, is capable of again
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32 Phil. Trans., 1833. On the Diseases and Derangements of the Nervous System, by Manhall Hall, M. D., London,
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achic tonics if the appetite is poor, and iron and arsenic if the anaemia
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The disease seems to be more common than was first thought.
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don Odontological Society, Mr. Steele called attention to this
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more fluid drachms of Seng before each meal. Seng is the only remedy
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Education was also encouraged for updating physicians
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exciting cause at two and a half years of age. The bony
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ever between committing and abstaining from the legal offence,
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been imphcated as the source including altered mito-
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these investigators had deliberately attempted to bias their
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The efforts of a physician to prevent the spread of a
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in Medicine during January, February, and March, 1867 :—
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A congress of nurses was held in Buffalo during the week
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returned clear. Then, on making an exploration, the cyst was
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among other things, to the discovery of the ither which con-

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