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belief that the change induced in solutions by fungi as

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their energies and their talents to the promotion of its physical

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disease and has had a good deal of importance as a diagnostic sign

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exposure of patients to inclement weather is necessitated.

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tracts and the posterior columns are those most frequently affected. The

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should be able to advise his clients on all essential points con

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ings and of course bathers would not live in these quarters.

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relation to the spread of typhoid fever and to give a

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an original malformation this organ was wanting either wholly or

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observed but the injections caused pain which lasted four

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ment of the university hospital. Chancellor Brown also

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which the change and improvement were most remarkable under

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that time. The hands and feet became swollen but at

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burgh and take a short tour in Scotland after which

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third by pains in the eyes for five years. It was in the

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such case has been the discovery ot a small clot pressing on

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there is inflammation of some organ but in all cases the moderate

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General Arnold referred the matter to the Board which prepared an answer

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Dr. Bradford of Boston presented a most exhaustive and lucid

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i or is forming. The diseases with which it is possible

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while on shore in boats near the shore or by the entrance

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and robust. She was cataleptic. The doctor employed various reme

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hints given for treatment of invalid cats are directed particu

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jjliysicians for a fee and who do not resort to the pub

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ing of the individual that each one must be dealt with

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ment rise in temperature and the accumulation of pus

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were often very efficient and a great deal could also

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creas shows thickening of interstitial tissue of the in

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best to remove the corset. A vessel containing hot water and two

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spasm etc. The internal administration of fluid extract of jaborandi in

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be quite sure that it is exceedingly fatal among the general population.

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duration of the disease in four cases was to days.

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been removed during life or obtained from the body after death and

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